Wednesday, October 6, 2010

VienTiane Secondary School

Near the Victory Monument, I found a secondary school.  I walked in, introduced myself, and asked if I could visit the English classes.  One of the English teachers, Mr. Outhay, took me on a tour of the school.  The VienTiane Secondary School has over 3000 students.  Mr. Outhay told me the school is a model school in the capital.

Mr. Outhay was my guide at the VienTiane Secondary School.  I was able to observe classes, as well as teach a little too.  The students were fantastic!  I was impressed with their level of conversational English.

Based on my visit, I believe Friends For Asia could place volunteer teachers at this school.  Mr. Outhay repeatedly ask me to come back and teach at his school.  Like many of the government offices in VienTiane, the names are written in French..... hence the name Lycee on the sign in front of the secondary school.

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