Friday, October 15, 2010

Introducing myself to the University monks!

During my first meetings with my new students at the Buddhist University, I used the occasion to introduce myself.  I explained to the monks how I grew up on a farm where we had no bathroom in the house, and no hot running water.

What shocked the monks most was when I told them I could take a bath only once a week.  Thai take baths twice a day!  I explained to the monks that my whole family used the same bath water, starting with my mom, then my two sisters, followed by me, then my two older brothers and last.... my dad. The monks all laughed when I told them how black the water was by the time everyone had taken a bath!

Using the "Think-Pair-Share" method, I drew pictures of my life story on the white board as I talked about my life.  The monks they retold this same story to each other.  Great technique to get students talking.

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