Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Thai say......"Kin Kow! " ......Time to eat!

Sunday in Nongkhai and I'm invited to eat with Mr. Elvis and his family.  This is always a gastronomic adventure since I'm never sure what Mr. Elivs or his wife Lat will serve me!

Friends always ask me ..... "What did you eat?"  Well.... here is a sampling!

Little snack before lunch..... grilled duck head! The duck heads had been nicely cut in half making for easy grilling!  I'd never had this hmmmmm delicacy before, so I asked Mr. Elvis to show me how one eats .... duck head.

Lunch is served!  Spicy green papaya salad in the bottom two plates ... left Thai style, right Laos style.  Middle plates.... left, grilled duck heads, mackerel fish soup, and last plate .... steamed chicken egg embryo with cooked, fully developed baby chick inside, top left ...... boiled pig intestines.  Not shown.... sticky rice and grilled little fish.

Mid afternoon snack...... deep fried chicken feet.
Dinner ..... Thai red curry with pork belly, chicken skin with vegetables, mackerel with lotus stalk, steamed egg soup, the remaining deep fried chicken feet all with generous amounts of steamed rice.

 Now the big question you've been asking yourself ...... did Mr. T eat the grilled duck head?

Yes I did!  The steamed chick embryo however, a big ..... No!  And the deep fried chicken feet and boiled pig intestines?  No and No!

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