Monday, October 4, 2010

Good Morning!

The request from Mr. Elvis prior to my lesson today, was that I teach his students how to talk with a foreigner when they first meet.  The very short conversation we worked on went like this:

Hello .............. Hello.
How are you?  ........ I am fine.
Where do you come from? ......... I come from Thailand.
How old are you? ....................... I am eleven years old.

This was a real challenge and more than enough for today's lesson!

First.... whole class instruction in the above phrases.

Next I modeled shaking hands (since students here bow) and asked each student one of the above questions.

Lots of one-on-one practice.

By my walking down the lines of students, asking the above questions repeatedly, all the students were able to hear the phrases spoke many times.

"How old are you?" I asked ...... the student seems to be saying.... "I forgot!"

Some independent pratice with another student!  One line of students would ask the series of questions as the opposite line would answer.  Then we'd switch sides and the side that had responded would now ask the questions.

Lots and lots of practice!  And they got it!

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