Friday, October 1, 2010

Let the teaching begin!

Nong Pheu Elementary School...... this is the school where my friend, Mr. Elvis is the Director. The school has about 100 students and is located in a small rural village 40 kilometers from Nongkhai.

 Even though he is Thai, Elvis is actually his legal name!  I guess it is true... Elvis is indeed alive and well.... in Nongkhai!

New experience for me..... teaching English to kindergarden students!  Pretty basic as you can imagine. These little ones were great students!

First thing with this large group of elementary students was to get to know their names..... well, some of them anyway.  This, for me, is a great way to assess my students' English language abilities.

In addition to teaching these students "Row row row you boat" and having them sing it in three part harmony, we moved onto one of my all time favorites "Head and shoulders, knees and toes!"  This one gets the students up and moving!  Me too!

After over two and a half hours of English.... we moved into my last lesson where the students would say the phrase .... "My favorite animal is......" I would teach this phase to the whole class and have them pratice it until they could say it comfortably on their own.

Only after the students had mastered this phrase,  would I have groups of five students stand in front of the whole class, and say the phrase, "My favorite animal is...." Each student had to repeat the name of the animal the other students had said before it came to their turn!  Lots to remember and say for these English Language Learners!  Challenging, but fun for these students!

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