Friday, October 8, 2010

Talk with a University student

While sitting under a tree, eating my spicy papaya salad with sticky rice, this university student came up to me and asked if he could interview me.  I said yes ..... and in our conversation, I found he is the librarian at Luang Prabang's only library. 

After I'd fnished my lunch, Somleth Lattanansouvannaphone agreed to take me to the library. When we arrived, already 5 teenagers were waiting to enter.  People come to the library to learn English using books and CDs, as well as learning how to take pictures (the library lends digital cameras) and then develop the pictures using computers.  Over 100 individuals use this library each day. 
Of course when I learned that people come here to learn English, I immediately thought about the possibility of volunteers!  I will talk with the library's Director, Carol and see if this is a possibility.

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