Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I get to teach too! But now it's 2011!

November 1st...2011,  new semester began at Wat Po Wai School in Surat Thani..... and I get to teach too!  So the first day, I got to introduce myself to the students... "What to say?  How to introduce myself?" .........  Needless to say... put in front of a group of students, and I'm NOT at a loss for words! 

Okay.... I was a bit of a ham on my first day.....doing some interactive communication with the students..... and the students laughed along with my antics...  this is a big school with kindergarten through the equivalent of 10th grade. 

I've put on a new hat.... from my 2010 adventures.  I'm now living in the south of Thailand, helping Friends For Asia expand its international volunteer program from Chiang Mai in the north.... to Surat Thani in the south.  We have two Irish volunteers currently (November 2011) teaching at a school here in Surat Thani.... so in my free time, I decided I could do some teaching at another school in the city.