Monday, November 8, 2010

Power lesson leading to indepentdent practice

 My basic lesson plan.... review.... anticipatory set.... direct instruction... guided practice.... independent practice.... wrap up. 

My motto..... "Whoever talks learns!"  So I talk only a little, and let my students do the talking!

Direct instruction, using auditory (to develop listening skills)  combined with drawings (to help the visual learners).

Checking for understanding, a critical component of direct instruction, to make sure all the students are learning.

Proximity works well to connect with the monks, to make sure I understand any questions or concerns they may have.

Small group work, allows students to practice their English skills based on my direct instruction, and allows me to monitor the student's speaking skills.

Independent practice..... it's good for the student who is speaking and is also good for the other students who are listening.

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