Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thai Core Curriculum

Education inThailand, just like the U.S.A. , has a set core curriculum that is to be taught in all schools.  Textbook cover of a level 2 core curriculum book above.

Even through the core curriculum text book is rather difficult for the students, I prefer basing my lessons on this text, as compared to creating my own new curriculum. Using a variety of differentiation strategies, my lessons can adapt the text to meet the various needs of students in my classroom.

The text in the core curriculum are short, with a combination of familiar vocabulary and complex concepts. 

After I read a sentence, or part of a sentence, the students would repeat after me.  Following this practice, I had the students read the text to each other.

Using the text the students had just read, I wrote questions on the board.  Students worked in pairs to answer the questions.  I called on student to then come to the board and write their answers to the question.

After writing their answer to the question on the board, the student then read the question and their answer to the whole class.

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