Monday, December 27, 2010

Story Telling Lesson

"In my mother's kitchen"

This was the name of the short story I told to the novice at Wat Chetupon.

I had designed a model of the story, which I showed to the novice, as I talked about the three things I learned "In my mother's kitchen."

I showed the novice how to fold a sheet of paper, so there would be a total of six boxes.  One for the beginning, one for the end, and then four others, in which they could tell a story about themselves.

This story telling strategy comes right out of my English Language Learner training I received with Rialto Unified School District. 

Multiple skills are developed using this instructional strategy:  developing a story, sequencing of events in the story, drawing, some writing and eventually, using the picture graph to tell the story to the class.
The novice told stories about their lives.... here the novice is eating breakfast.

Learning meditation

The use of pictures or drawings (visual element) is a key component of teaching English Language Learners.  Allowing students to draw, then add the written and spoken components builds on the student's strengths and challenges them too.

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