Saturday, January 15, 2011

Using art to teach English vocabulary

FThe day before Christmas, I improvised a bit on my lesson at Wat Chetupon temple school.  I combined a drawing activity with English vocabulary.

As I drew a scene on the board, the novice were to follow my lead and create their own picture.

The novice drew some very detailed and creative pictures .

The room was quiet as the novice drew their own masterpieces.

The attention to detail was amazing.

Once I got the lesson started, I soon realized the novice were much better artists than I..... so I invited them to the board to draw.

Adam, a Friends for Asia volunteer from Australia took over from me and then taught the lesson.

Oh what fun!

Santa?  Santa's sleigh and reindeer too?  Well, t'was the day before Christmas..... even for these young Buddhist novice! 

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