Thursday, September 16, 2010

Next stop on the retirement train is....

 I have my new ticket and I'm ready to go!

Look out Asia..... here I come!

My first stop will be Chiang Mai, northern Thailand where I will teach English to Buddhist monks.  Often these schools are the best alternative for these young men to receive an education.
While in Chiang Mai, I will be assisting Friends For Asia, a local volunteer organization, explore the possibility of expanding their program into Laos.

Last summer, I volunteered with Friends For Asia and had one of the most awesome experiences of my entire life!  I lived in a jungle tree house, taught English to elementary students, and helped care for a herd of some 80 elephants.  What a fantastic experience!
I am very excited about assisting Friends For Asia as they look at sending volunteers to Laos.  Volunteers can provide the spark leading to long term sustainable development at the local level.  Laos is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, and could greatly benefit from outside assistance.

December will find me in Malaysia.  This is a new country for me, and I would like to explore what volunteer opportunities might exist here.
The new year has me in the Republic of Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean.  This will be my first trip to these islands.
Isn't this just the most beautiful blue you've ever seen.... one could settle into one of these islands for a long, long time!
Okay, okay ..... I can hear you saying to yourself.... with beaches like that, when will Mr. T find time to teach!  The place must be one never ending beach party!  Right?
Definitely No Beach Parties for Mr. T!  He has got lots to do!
What with classroom observations to conduct, demonstration lessons to deliver, reflective conversations to hold, to say nothing of  the potential of in service seminars to organize ..... who has time for the beach
Well, maybe there will be time to put a toe in the water on weekends!

So here's the travel schedule and a map to help you follow where I will be going over the next six months ....

Thailand:  September - November 2010
Laos:  couple weeks in October 2010
Malaysia: December 2010
Republic of Maldives:  January - February 2010
Thailand: March 2010
Home again, home again..... March 31, 2011

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